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GoMeals® can make healthy living easier.

Counting calories was a great start. Now GoMeals® is more than healthy meal choices. Added features allow you to track your activities and blood glucose levels. Plus, it automatically backs up your data and shares it across all your devices.

Tame Your Plate

Did dinner try to hit you with some unexpected carbs? Whether you're at home or in a restaurant, the GoMeals® nutrition database can tell you what's in your meal before you pick up your fork.

Ready, Set, Go!

GoMeals® isn't just about eating right. With the activity tracker, you can now calculate how many calories you burn during your daily exercise and physical activity.

We've Got
Your Number

If you have diabetes, you can use GoMeals® to record your blood glucose (BG) results. See your daily low, high and average numbers at a glance.

Dining Out Means No Dirty Dishes

Our GoMeals® restaurant locator has hundreds of eateries to choose from. Whether you're looking for a specific cuisine or just the closest place to grab a bite, we've got you covered.

Connect the Dots

With enhanced reporting features included in GoMeals® Online, you can track your food, activity and blood glucose levels easily. See trends in your nutritional intake or estimate your daily calorie burn.

Up in the Cloud

With the cloud sync feature, GoMeals® offers you the opportunity to keep your data backed up and view it from any device. When you log in to GoMeals Online, you're really connected — everywhere.

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Sanofi U.S., based in Bridgewater, NJ, is part of sanofi-aventis, a leading global pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and distributes therapeutic solutions to help improve the lives of patients.

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This application contains only a segment of the full CalorieKing database. To experience the full database and learn more about the CalorieKing Program and special offers, go to CalorieKing aims to educate, motivate and inspire lifelong weight control. Everything we do is science-based, and equally important, our products and programs are designed to be reliable companions on your lifelong weight control journey.


The Compendium of
Physical Activities

The Compendium of Physical Activities was developed for use in epidemiologic studies to standardize the assignment of MET (metabolic equivalent) intensities in physical activity questionnaires. The Compendium has been used in studies worldwide to assign intensity units to physical activity questionnaires and to develop innovative ways to assess energy expenditure in physical activity studies.

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Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions® Inc. is a privately-held, full-service pharmaceutical marketing agency headquartered in the Kansas City area with offices in Chicago and New York. Specializing in solutions for pharmaceuticals and health care, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries. Contact Intouch at

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